Library locations are temporarily closed, but curbside pickup and exterior return chutes are open. More information at COVID-19 Updates
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Curbside Printing

Curbside printing is temporarily available at all Library locations except Rocky Ridge.

While in-person services are temporarily closed at the Library, curbside printing is available at all locations except Rocky Ridge. 

To use this service, submit your printing job from your own device through Once your documents have been submitted, visit the pickup location and call the number posted on the Curbside Pickup sign outside the Library. Our staff will retrieve your printed documents.

Print from home

Curbside printing instruction PDFs in:

Helpful Curbside Printing Information

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  • Full instructions for Everyone Print are below.

  • To use curbside printing, you must have access to Wi-Fi.

  • Make sure you send your printing job to the printer by clicking PrintQueue before arriving at a library location to pick it up.

  • Currently, curbside printing is available at all locations except Rocky Ridge. Check Location hours for curbside times. 

  • We cannot modify or check print requests after you submit through Everyone Print so make sure you confirm quantity, colour or black and white and page size before submitting.

  • Printing is done on standard white copy paper in sizes 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14", or 11" x 17".
  • Once you submit your printing job by hitting PrintQueue, you will see the message Your print job has been sent to the selected printer successfully and you will be able to visit the Library to retrieve it.

  • You can visit any library location offering curbside printing pickup services to retrieve your print job.

  • Once you submit your print job, you have 24 hours to collect it. After 24 hours, print jobs automatically disappear from the queue and you will have to resubmit. You won't be charged for print jobs that you submitted but have not been printed yet. 

  • When you arrive at your pickup location and call the curbside pickup number, staff will release your printing job and bring it to you when it is ready. This may take a few minutes. 

Your Library card gives you $5 of printing

You have a monthly print credit of $5, which allows you to print up to 50 black and white pages or 25 colour pages free of charge. Each side of a page is counted, which means a double-sided page would count as two. 

Your $5 credit renews every month, and unspent credit does not accrue from month to month. You can add money to your print account for additional printing, but the free $5 credit must be used up first. To add money to your print account, please call 403.260.2600 and we can take payment over the phone. 

Check to make sure you have enough money in your print account to cover your entire print job before sending it to print. If you do not have enough money to cover all pages, your job may only partially print, or not at all. Depending on the size of the print job, you may still need to add money to your account even if you have not used your monthly $5 allotment.

For curbside printing, your PCounter print account will be charged once you call into the curbside number and your print job has been manually released to the printer by Library staff. 

View your print balance

Step-by-step curbside printing instructions

1. Save your file to your personal digital device

2. Go to:

3. Log in with your personal information

  • Your username is your Library card number. 
  • Your password is your Library PIN.

4. Once you are logged in, follow these steps:

  • Click "Upload file"
  • Click "Choose File" 
  • Select your file
  • Click "Open"
  • Click "Next" 

Wait for the file to upload.  Once the upload has been completed, an "Awaiting Release" status will appear.  


5. For printing multiple copies or in colour

  • Click "Advanced"
  • To print in colour, uncheck the box for black and white.  
  • To print multiple copies, adjust the number beside "number of copies".

6. Send your document to the printer. Click "PrintQueue."

You are done! Go to any location (except Rocky Ridge) during curbside hours to pick up your printing. You will not receive a confirmation message from the Library.

At the curbside pickup location 

Call the number on the curbside services table at the Library location where you are picking up your printing. Your job will be released to the printer and a staff member will collect it and bring it to the curbside pickup table. This might take a few minutes while your printing is processing. 

Remember to remain in your vehicle or stand away from the entrance while staff bring your hold and place them on the pickup table. Once staff are back inside the Library, you can approach the table and collect your printing.  

Need extra support? Contact our experts


Our staff are here for you! If you have questions or need help with curbside printing, call out Library Hotline at 403.260.2600.